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Requirements analysis & action planning

We support companies in preparing for the legal regulations that will apply from 2024, such as NIS2 and the EU Cyber Resilience Act.

Requirements analysis & action planning

Navigate safely through the legal landscape

As an experienced service provider in the field of cybersecurity, we support companies in optimally preparing for the upcoming legal regulations, including the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2), the EU Cyber Resilience Act and the Machinery Regulation. These regulations and the associated challenges will come into force for numerous industries from 2024 and require specific cybersecurity measures to be implemented.

A special feature is that companies themselves have to determine whether new regulations apply to them on the basis of defined criteria, as they are not notified by the authorities.

The EU Cyber Resilience Act affects all companies that manufacture products with digital elements. The proposed draft law requires manufacturers and suppliers of products with digital elements to focus on concepts such as "security by design" from the outset. The draft distinguishes between "non-critical", "critical" and "highly critical" products, depending on the criticality of the product. Stricter requirements are envisaged for critical products, for example in the area of conformity assessment. In addition, distributors and importers may be obliged to check manufacturers for compliance with the regulation. 

Due to the uncertainty that the new regulations are causing in companies, we offer you an analysis of your customer products and evaluate the need for cybersecurity measures in accordance with the current and future legal framework in your industry.

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