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We protect your product throughout all lifecycle phases. With our services, we support you from procurement, planning, development, production, maintenance to scrapping.

Grafik des Cybersecurity Lifecycles mit den Schritten Beschaffung, Planung, Entwicklung, Produktion, Wartung und Verschrottung


We manage the process of acquiring or procuring various assets, technologies, or resources required for your organization's cybersecurity operations. The process includes identifying, selecting, and evaluating the value chain, as well as procuring the tools, systems, and personnel needed to build and maintain an effective cybersecurity strategy.


Our service in planning includes the creation of a cybersecurity plan tailored to your project, which includes risk assessment, budget planning, task allocation and controlling.


In the area of development we take over the analysis of customer requirements, the creation of a technical concept, the implementation of cybersecurity solutions, the verification of the concept as well as the validation of the implementation. We also offer support in the execution of final cybersecurity tests (fuzz, stress, pen tests) to verify the interfaces of your products.


We create a conceptual design of your production processes, which includes production risk assessment in terms of cybersecurity, key management (Key Management System), traceability, implementation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and secure transport and storage of hardware and software during distribution and integration.


In post-production planning, targeted measures and approaches are implemented as part of the Cybersecurity Lifecycle to ensure the continued security and reliability of an information system or software application after deployment. This includes activities such as vulnerability identification, vulnerability remediation as well as regular updates to maintain functionality and protection.

We can assist you with this from vulnerability analysis to incident management to updating your product.

At aqupe, we have specialized in cybersecurity monitoring. If you are interested in our services, you will find further information here that will give you a comprehensive insight.


Every life cycle comes to an end at some point. Our holistic cybersecurity concept ensures the secure handling of the disposal of products and production systems. The focus is on protecting the data they contain and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information. Our consulting services include effective transport and storage practices as well as the secure erasure or destruction of storage media and hardware in accordance with applicable industry practices and regulations.

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