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By implementing a CSMS in your company, you ensure that cyber risks can be identified, assessed and targeted throughout the product lifecycle in a reasonable timeframe.

What is a cybersecurity management system?

The foundation for a secure digital future

A Cybersecurity Management System (CSMS) is the backbone of a comprehensive security strategy. It establishes best practices, policies and controls to proactively combat threats and protect sensitive information. Implementing a CSMS enables organizations to streamline their security processes, detect threats early, and take appropriate action to mitigate risk.

Especially in the automotive sector, the implementation of a CSMS is mandatory according to UNECE R155. In view of the complexity of modern vehicles and the increasing number of cyber attacks, the UNECE has developed guidelines to ensure the security of vehicles. A CSMS according to UNECE R155 ensures that the relevant security standards are met and supports manufacturers in identifying and remediating potential vulnerabilities.


When creating and developing a CSMS, we begin with a thorough assessment of your company's process landscape. At aqupe, we help your company identify and assess potential weaknesses and potential impacts to your development processes. Through a GAP analysis, we identify gaps, discrepancies, or areas for improvement between current cybersecurity practices and desired maturity levels. To do this, we compare existing cybersecurity controls, policies, and procedures to recognized standards, best practices, and regulatory requirements.

If, in conducting a GAP analysis, it is determined that the existing CSMS needs improvement, we provide assistance in this regard as well.


Integrating cybersecurity into development processes ensures that security issues are not considered as an afterthought, but are addressed from the beginning. Integrating cybersecurity into development processes requires incorporating various tools, systems, and practices into the workflow. At aqupe, we ensure that cybersecurity is firmly embedded in every phase of the development process, from planning to deployment.

Application of the CSMS

Creating and customizing templates

Creating and customizing templates in CSMS involves developing established frameworks or structures that can be adapted to meet the specific requirements of a product's cybersecurity procedures. At aqupe, we can create and customize templates to standardize and optimize your cybersecurity management processes.

Coaching and support for the implementation of your CSMS

At aqupe, we provide coaching and support for the implementation of your CSMS. Our range of services includes training for your staff on how to apply the concept, as well as a comprehensive service where we do all the work and project management on your behalf. We stand by your side to ensure that your CSMS is successfully implemented and that your cybersecurity goals are achieved.

Preparation and support for process assessments

We help you carefully plan and prepare for a comprehensive and effective assessment of your system processes. To this end, we offer the following support:

  • We familiarize you with the framework or standards you will use in the assessments.
  • We ensure that all relevant processes are properly documented, including procedures, work instructions, and any supporting documentation or certifications.
  • We accompany internal audits to verify the effectiveness of processes and controls.

Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam Ihre Cybersicherheit mit Cybersecurity Management Systeme auf das nächste Level heben.

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