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aqupe offers customized approaches and individual strategies for monitoring cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are perfectly tailored to your specific requirements.

What is Cybersecurity Monitoring?

Proactive detection of security vulnerabilities

In an increasingly digitized world where businesses and organizations are exposed to diverse and sophisticated cyber threats, cybersecurity vulnerability monitoring plays a critical role. Cybersecurity monitoring, also known as security surveillance, is a proactive approach that aims to identify potential vulnerabilities and attacks early on, before they can cause damage.


Security Information And Event Management

SIEM is a security solution that helps organizations identify potential security threats and vulnerabilities before they can disrupt business operations. In addition to implementing a SIEM system, our experienced team will help you realize the full potential of your system and ensure that you can provide effective security monitoring and threat detection. 

Event Handling

Event Handling

As experts in the field of cybersecurity, we support you in identifying the causes of incidents, assessing the impact and taking appropriate countermeasures. We develop customized event handling strategies to minimize potential damage and ensure business continuity. Our goal is to help you strengthen your security infrastructure and protect your product from future threats.


Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a monitoring system that detects suspicious activity and generates alerts when it is detected. At aqupe, we help you identify potential entry points, sensitive data and high-risk areas. Based on your requirements, we determine the goals for your IDS and assist you in selecting and implementing an appropriate IDS solution.

Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis

At aqupe, we support you in identifying vulnerabilities and susceptibilities. These vulnerabilities are prioritized according to their severity, exploitability and potential impact. We also develop and implement a plan to address the identified vulnerabilities. In addition, we use continuous monitoring to detect new vulnerabilities, identify emerging threats, and keep you informed of potential risks.

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