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We also offer you comprehensive support with cybersecurity testing and validate the effectiveness of your cybersecurity measures using common methods and procedures.

Cybersecurity Testing

Safety put to the test

Cybersecurity Testing is an indispensable process for verifying the effectiveness of your security measures and uncovering potential vulnerabilities. At aqupe, we offer comprehensive support in Functional Security Testing and Interface Testing.

Functional Security Testing

Using predefined test cases, we validate the correct integration of your security functions in ECUs and ensure that your functional security requirements are implemented correctly. We also support you in the various test phases, such as integration or system testing.

The early integration of security measures is crucial to ensure the security of your functions and components in your product. Secure onboard communication, key management and flash data security are just some of the relevant security measures. Therefore, it is essential to test the function and integration of security measures for correctness already in the development phase.

With our know-how and many years of experience in numerous customer projects, we achieve highly qualified results for you in error analysis and test evaluation.

Interface Testing (Pen-, Fuzz-, and Stress Testing)

In addition to Functional Security Testing, we also offer services in the area of Interface Testing. This means that we test and verify the interfaces between different systems, components or applications. Pen-, fuzz-, and stress tests ensure that the system works properly and that there are no unknown vulnerabilities. 

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